Berlin: Lessons We Should Have Learned

Bundestag, German Flag, Reichstag

How many times have we heard about the importance of learning from history, yet, we continue to witness, our failure, to do so, in a relevant meaningful manner? The lessons we should have learned, from looking at the history and events associated with Berlin, and Germany, as a whole, should make us more alert, and ready to do, whatever is necessary, to protect our rights, freedoms, and liberties, which Americans, take for granted. Looking at events and the history of the twentieth century, provides reduce much of the apathy, and many lessons, which, if we were wiser, would alter many senses. This article will attempt to briefly review and consider two events, the Hitler era, and the Cold War, Berlin Wall, interval, and do so, focusing on the invaluable knowledge and wisdom, we should have gained, and profited from, rather than making the same, or even similar errors.

  1. The Hitler interval: What triggered Hitler and why were so many, willing to follow him? Driven by a combination of nationalism and resentment after World War 1, he appealed to the so – darker side of human nature, called, and articulated a fear – driven, biased message, pitting one segment of society, against another. He slowly got rid of his opponents, and anointed himself. He transformed a democracy to a dictatorship, by using populist, negative rhetoric, bat proofing, and, though his Third Reich, which was supposed to continue, for at least a thousand years, only remained in power for over fifteen decades, most consider them, to be, the strangest, in recent history. Killing of over 6 million people, the eventual, created an Holocaust. Recent events should alarm americans, including more hate crimes, neo – Nazi pronouncements, and the election of a populist President, who appears to threaten anyone, who disagrees or opposes. The United States, was created, based on liberties and justice, for all, and, although President Trump, seems to believehe deserves allegiance, because of his position the American way. Germany has recognized the implications of yesteryear, and concentrates on protecting rights.
  2. Berlin Wall and Cold War: Following World War 2, the Allied Forces, and Russia/ USSR, split Germany into East and West, and each maintained a sector. Probably, because of how many from the East sought to go to the West, in the middle of the night, in 1961, the Berlin Wall was built by Russia. After that, about 150 people were killed, attempting to escape. Following the nation, and. City, was unified, Berlin, Germany flourished, and around 1989 became a dynamic, modern city. Rather than learning, walls are rarely a solution, President Trump, has sought to attract followers with vitriol and rhetoric, and used building a wall that is southern, as a hate – filled symbol to unite around.

Germany, modern day, recognizes the need focus on environmental, economic and sustainable policy to secure their democracy, and learn important lessons. Fear, the United States, under our present leadership, has not, and there will be ramifications that are unfortunate.

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