How To Know If A Politician Gets It RIGHT?

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Have you ever notice, how few politiciansmake the transformation that was essential, to quality, real statesmen, when they are elected? Who will that individual, function and represent, the interests of the country and citizens, or, just, his personal agenda, and/ or, self – interest? This guide will try to, briefly, analyze consider, review, and discuss, using the strategy that is mnemonic, what this means and signifies, and why it matters.

  1. Relevant; realistic; righteous; responsive; accountable: What good does any leader do, if his ideas are not applicable, and realistic? Discover and consider his integrity, core principles, empathy, and whether, he proceeds, consistently, in a righteous (without being, self – righteous) manner! Ignore the empty rhetoric and promises, and look for someone, who specializes in being, consistently, responsive and responsible!
  2. Issues; ideology; integrity: How well a public official, learns and understands issues, and aligns the country’s core ideology, together with his proposals, are important indicators! Integrity must be evaluated, not merely by one’s rhetoric and promises, by his behaviour, even when nobody’s looking!
  3. Greater good: Public officials should prioritize the needs, goals, perceptions, etc, of these, they are elected to serve and represent! There should be no leadership that is selective, but attention must be focused on the greater good! Does anyone think, now, we seem to have lost our way, in that respect?
  4. Curing; humane; head/ heart: The saying is, Courtesy is Contagious, yet, nowadays, often it seems, it might also be, brave! Every public leaderattention, must be, on bringing people together, for the common good, and healing wounds, seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, in an inclusive, more harmonious way! Wouldn’t it be better, if our leaders, were humane, instead of, often, polarizing? Achieving this, requires these individuals, to efficiently use, the aspects of, both, in a mind, and components, their logical / heart balance!
  5. Taking – regarded, timely actions, rather than procrastinating, and aligning it, with using – tested methods, etc, enriches their potential! An individual must be willing, ready, and able, to evaluate current trends, to choose, the one that is best for our state!

Pay attention and quality of his plans, rather than his promises and rhetoric! Become voter, and a citizen! Captain Ellis, He’s our Hero, Gonna Take Pollution down to ZERO!

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