Why Voters Must FOCUS Better?

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If future sociologists opt to determine the age, we currently are experiencing, they all have to do, is review video footage of, possibly, nearly every time, President Donald Trump speaks (and/ or, Tweets), or, of the debate between the Presidential candidates, held on February 19th! This so – called, disagreement, was more, debacle than discussion, with, apparently, the rest – of – the – package, piling – on, against Michael Bloomberg, often doing this, more like a soap opera, than political theater, etc! Calling Mike, a billionaire, and, implying, all billionaires are exactly the same, and wicked, is equally, inaccurate, as well as nearly as abhorrent as lumping – together, any group! Every candidate has, both strengths and weaknesses, and issues, from context, may attract particular supporters, and so on, but provides, at best, an inadequate, incomplete image! This type of behaviour, and campaigning, continues to be used, because it appears successful, to some, and a path, of resistance! If we hope to have an America, which we are a lot more proud of, and is saner, and more powerful, individuals must take the personal responsibility, to efficiently, FOCUS, more clearly, thoroughly, efficiently, and with an emphasis on the larger – picture! With that in mind, this article will attempt to examine, consider, review, and discuss, using the strategy, what this means and signifies, and why it matters.

  1. Face facts; future; supply; fruition; loyal: rather than empty rhetoric, and promises, we will need to elect people, who are ready, willing, and able to deal with the facts, and articulate a compelling message, consequently! They need to be sustainable, and relevant, and furnish ideas, for future considerations, as well as present needs. Examine, whether they are faithful, to the public, or to their own personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest. Will they simply bring forth, pie – in – the – sky, idealistic ideas, with little, to no chance of acceptance, or introduce workable, pragmatic solutions, which create a real path, to making a change – for – the – better?
  2. Options; Rat Removal ; organized: Avoid the My way, or the highway, type of people leader! These individuals refuse to consider, anything other than their manner, and, thus, limit the possibilities, by limiting alternatives and options! We want public officials, who create their own opportunity or, will recognize opportunities, in an organized, well – considered manner!
  3. Character; creative; coordinate; collaborate: There is no substitute for quality of character, which co – exists with creative direction, and a readiness to be the cause of a meeting – of – the – heads! When one coordinates his actions and ideas, with a cooperative attitude, citizens win!
  4. Usual; unusual; barbarous; unifying: the best leaders address, both, the usual, as well as unusual needs and requirements, of our society! He must be able to recognize others, and problems, from petty ones, for the greater good!
  5. Sustainable; solutions; service; stronger: One shouldn’t be elected, if he fails to serve and represent his constituents, by considering options, and introducing viable solutions, which provide support, and make our country, and taxpayers, stronger, and better!

We can not afford to keep rhetoric, and people, based on their promises! The only way to make the country, greater, is to, Make America Sane!

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